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Local Gray To Green Rendezvous

by Phyllomedusa

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    Newts, Salamanders, And Caecilians are always cherished.
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Hatched by Hypyractyv Larynx Wartquencies

This was an amazing experience. For me anyway.

I found my new friend (pictured on the cover) sitting on the side of my house. I've found many Amphibians on and around my place of living, but I felt something strange this time. I cherish all that I find and have met over my years, but I wanted to do something special in this instance. Something about this Tree Frog seemed so amazing and calm. It was stunning. It would look right at me and not look away. It didn't seem frightened, nor stressed. Something I always look for and try to avoid. I wanted to do something that would signify our meeting. And I did.

I took hold of my new friend from the Hyla genus, drew out a series of tones on a piece of paper and placed my friend on top of it. I then let it walk and hop around on the paper, and then I would mark each moist spot down with a marker. By doing this, I made it so as if this very frog was creating what I was about to play.

I then played what was marked down. I let it wander about until I was done because I wanted it to be with me as I recorded. After I finished, I noticed the amount of time I had recorded (48 minutes) and then I remembered something I had read in a book sometime ago. Eastern Gray Tree Frogs (Hyla versicolor; not Cope's Gray Tree Frogs, Hyla chrysoscelis, which are very similar) have an extra set of chromosomes rather than the usual 24. With an extra set of chromosomes, Hyla versicolor have 48. Whenever I record I never worry about the amount of time that is recorded. Which made it even more strange that the end time was 48 minutes. I couldn't believe it.

I finished and I then placed the Tree Frog back into its habitat. Just like that.

The picture was taken when we were both just staring at each other.

The tones are absolute and the textures are created by the tones themselves, not me. The movement in tones and pitch are from what I marked down with the help of the Tree Frog.

It was an amazing experience for me. For you, I am the least interested.


released March 12, 2014

sound by big frog
recorded at the Lilypad, MD


all rights reserved



Phyllomedusa New York, New York

Amphibian Worship

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